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Visual communication is very important. The way you present your products has a significant impact on sales. Make your business stand out with unique product photography images to use for commercial advertising, brochures, websites and branding. Hugger Studio offer commercial  photography, product photography, jewelry photography, interiors photography and architecture photography. Good looking products help to tell people what’s really there, to convey a functional beauty. Our philosophy is to produce contemporary, creative, professional images that sell.

There are many ways to shoot a product and here at Hugger Studio we have catered for pretty much everything over the years.

If you want to keep it simple and cost-effective your product photographer can shoot on a white background. Clean high-impact images on white, black or grey backgrounds let the product stand out and are versatile, having a wide range of uses, from packaging and catalogues to magazine features and website/e-commerce.

When a product deserves a little more drama in the way it is photographed allow us at Hugger Studio product photography to deliver a bespoke product-shot that informs and allures the customer. By adding a different dimension to your product photography we can add some creativity to your shoot with backgrounds, lighting techniques and post-production procedures.

If you are working with prototypes or are adding new colours to your range, in-house retouching means colours can be changed and features tweaked or removed from product prototypes.

For more creative images we can prop, style, light and shoot pictures that say more about the product and brand. I am happy to work to a brief and equally happy to contribute my own creative ideas and experience.

If you’re looking for the very best product photography, then call Hugger Studio for more information or fill in our online booking form. Our philosophy is to produce contemporary, creative, professional images that sell.

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Your Photos Are Your Copyright
Some photographic companies place restrictions on what you can do with your photos, keeping the copyright for themselves so you have to keep buying from them. At Hugger studios, we think differently. They’re your photos, you’re in them, so you should have copyright over them, and the ability to do exactly what you want with every single one. That’s why Hugger studios gives you full copyright over all the photographs we take of you, your family or friends.
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