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Hugger Studio – A High Quality Photographic Studio for Hire in Sheffield


The Hugger Photography Studio is designed for the photography studio needs of both the keen amateur and the professional alike.

Hugger Photography Studio Equipment 1We have a variety of sets, which are all interchangeable, so you can achieve your desired effect, whatever it may be. Apart from having 2 blast-white rooms, we can also offer you coloured-paper backdrops – which are all included in your studio hire price. Help is on hand, as always, with any sets which you need to be changed, or questions you’d like answered.

At Hugger Photography Studio, the Photographer is King. Call us on 0114 275 0005 or 07413 564906 to make your booking today.

Hugger Photography Studio Equipment 2Hugger Studios only use the best when it comes to studio equipment. We use Elemental Lighting (11 Individual Industry Awards in 2010/11/12). We have full kits including triggers throughout the studio which, once you hire one of our studios, you get full use of. All you need is the camera, and the inspiration! We will be very happy to show how they work and help you in any way we can.

If you don’t have a camera, we can also offer you camera and video camera hire at a very reasonable price.

If you wish to book a photo shoot in our photography studio with Karl himself, we offer a wide selection of categories, themes and styles of shoots, including:

Family Shoot at Hugger Photography Studio

All pictures come copyright free, so that you are able to print them, edit them on your computer and use them as many times as you wish. Call us on 0114 275 0005 today to make your booking.

Hugger Photography Studio Equipment 3Photography Studio Prices:

Membership £65.00 for 12 Months

Members’ studio hire rate £17.50 per hour
Hugger Photography Studio Equipment 4Non Member £25.00 per hour

Half day £75.00 members(4 hours)
Half day non members £95.00(4 hours)

Full day £125.00 member (8 hours)
Full day £185.00 non members(8 hours)

Minimum 2 hours booking on members and non members rate.

Run-over time is charged by the half hour.

Membership can be taken out on the day of your studio hire.
Balance of payment must be made by cash/ card or Paypal at the start of the day.

Our opening hours are 9am until 7pm. Any booking after 7pm will be charged at £25.00 per hour

Please make sure you read all the Terms and Conditions prior to making your booking. Call us on 0114 275 0005 or 07413 564 906 if you have any questions, or to make your booking.

Photographic Studio Sets & Dimensions

  • Top floor studio : This has a seamless blast white floor fitted, this is used for high-end fashion shoots and blast white filming. Dimensions : 11 ft wide and 24 ft deep and 11ft high.
  • The lower studio : This has a white cove fitted and comes with colored-paper backdrops. Dimensions : 12 ft wide and 14ft deep and 9ft high.

We have a wide range of photographic studio sets to fit every occasion. Call us if you don’t see the scenery you want below, we cater for every need.

Please note that our sets change every few Months so please ring for full details of whats new.

huggerstudio lower studio photos (11)huggerstudio lower studio photos (7)huggerstudio lower studio photos (4) huggerstudio lower studio photos (10)huggerstudio lower studio photos (8)