Makeover Photo Shoots

Makeover photo shoots are a great way of increasing your confidence and enhancing positivity. You are beautiful, but may not feel it sometimes. Let us capture your inner and outer beauty with a Hugger Studios makeover photo shoot.

Our makeover photo shoots are up to an hour long, with costume changes and you can also book a hair and make-up artist to enhance your beauty. You may fancy wearing an elegant dress, a beautiful suit, lingerie or perhaps try something a little different with a burlesque or boudoir style.

Be the envy of your friends and pride of your family. The whole essence of our makeover photo shoot is making you look great and feel special. Enjoy our expert professional make-up and hair styling session and a fun-packed photo shoot all designed to make you look your very best.

Karl has over 30 years experience in the field of photography and is very skilled at putting you at ease and bringing the best out of you. His personality and humour will keep your shoot light hearted and fun, so no need to feel nervous if it is your first time.

Makeover photo shoots are a great way to enjoy yourself but are also perfect when given as a gift.

A makeover photo shoot costs £99 and this includes 35+ images which we will email to you in a  WeTransfer File file. They are copyright free and are yours to print, frame, share and just simply enjoy.

Book a Hugger Makeover shoot and get the feel good factor.

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Your Photos Are Your Copyright
Some photographic companies place restrictions on what you can do with your photos, keeping the copyright for themselves so you have to keep buying from them. At Hugger studios, we think differently. They’re your photos, you’re in them, so you should have copyright over them, and the ability to do exactly what you want with every single one. That’s why Hugger studios gives you full copyright over all the photographs we take of you, your family or friends.
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