Family Photography

Families come in all shapes and sizes and here at Hugger Photographic studios, we can capture your family in all it’s glory with a family photo shoot. Family Photography is our specialty. 

Whether you are a small family, a large family or an extended family, we are here to photograph it all for you in an exciting, fun filled way. Tired of boring family photos? Come to us and we will ensure that your images are happy, colourful and interesting.

A family photo shoot with Hugger Studios aims to capture special moments in your lives and create individual photographs which tell the story of you and your family. Whether it’s a birthday celebration, a significant wedding anniversary or simply the family getting together, we’ll be sure to create a lasting record for you all to treasure for many years to come.

Our highly skilled photographer will help you come up with plenty of ideas to ensure we create portraits that you love and has lots of experience organizing a multi-age group and ensuring that you make the most of your time together in the studio.

We look forward to creating truly personal images that you and your family can teasure for generations.

Our family shoots are £99 for the first 6 people and £10 per person thereafter. You will receive 35+ images and they are copyright free. So they are yours to print, frame, share and enjoy. We will email your images to you in a WeTransfer File  for one price – £99 (first 6 people). There are no hidden costs. Click here if you have any questions or contact us here.




Family & Family photos

Family & Family photos

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Your Photos Are Your Copyright
Some photographic companies place restrictions on what you can do with your photos, keeping the copyright for themselves so you have to keep buying from them. At Hugger studios, we think differently. They’re your photos, you’re in them, so you should have copyright over them, and the ability to do exactly what you want with every single one. That’s why Hugger studios gives you full copyright over all the photographs we take of you, your family or friends.
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