Baby Photo Shoots

Bring your beautiful baby along to a peaceful setting for some relaxed, unhurried photos in a Hugger studios Baby Photo Shoot. Capture their first days, weeks or months in a Hugger photo shoot. We have lots of experience of photos shoots with babies, toddlers and children, so please don’t worry, you are in safe hands.                                      

Our mission is to provide you with beautiful, high quality portraits for you to look back on and treasure for years to come. Let us capture precious moments forever with a baby photo shoot in a relaxed and happy environment. Here at Hugger Studios we are passionate about children’s photography and we take great pride in the photos we produce for you. That’s why we believe a baby photo shoot with Hugger Studios is the right choice for you.                       

Feel free to bring your child’s favorite toy, blanket and treasures along and we will happily photograph your precious bundle with any item. If you see a particular style of baby shoot that you like, just Contact Us  or email us the images in advance and we will adhere to replicate the theme where possible.

As a father of twin baby girls, Karl has lots of patience, warmth and understanding when combining the ultimate creative session for babies and their parents alike.

Your shoot is £99 for up to an hour and will include 35+ images which we will email to you in a WeTransfer File . You can even Book Online and The Copyright is yours too. Feel free to print, frame, share and simply enjoy your stunning photos that will last you a lifetime.


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Your Photos Are Your Copyright
Some photographic companies place restrictions on what you can do with your photos, keeping the copyright for themselves so you have to keep buying from them. At Hugger studios, we think differently. They’re your photos, you’re in them, so you should have copyright over them, and the ability to do exactly what you want with every single one. That’s why Hugger studios gives you full copyright over all the photographs we take of you, your family or friends.
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