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Hugger Studio has so much to offer that we have added this section to give you a brief overview. Please click on the individual links for more information on each topic.

In addition to your photo shoot you can now book a one hour hair and makeup pampering session to ensure you look your best (£55 an hour). Your personal, qualified hair and make-up artist will transform you using a full range of popular make-up brands. You can then have your hair professionally styled in the final step of your makeover leaving you looking tip-top and camera ready.

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Do you have some photos you would like to frame? You can frame your photos very easily and get professional looking results at a fraction of the cost. Check out the printing ideas page for where to go for the best deals near you.

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Your Photos Are Your Copyright
Some photographic companies place restrictions on what you can do with your photos, keeping the copyright for themselves so you have to keep buying from them. At Hugger studios, we think differently. They’re your photos, you’re in them, so you should have copyright over them, and the ability to do exactly what you want with every single one. That’s why Hugger studios gives you full copyright over all the photographs we take of you, your family or friends.