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Mrs Connors Sheffield.

We would just like to say we had a super shoot with Karl it was great fun and the pictures were absolutely fantastic. The girls fully enjoyed themselves and call made as feel really comfortable in the studio we had never had any pictures done like this before and must say what a pleasure it was to visit Karl in his studios. Big thank you for wonderful wonderful time.

Mrs Moore Sheffield.

My daughter asked if she could have party shoot when looking on the Internet we found lots of places that could offer this service to us but they all had different price packages. We were then told about the hugger studios in Sheffield by some friends who would have the shoot with Karl. On phoning the studios I found Karl very easy from the start. He explained to us what would happen inside the party shoot and how it worked when asking the price it was very clear in this matter. And true to his word the shoot was great the kids really did enjoy themselves I would say if you’re looking for fun party shoot then hugger studios is the place to go.
Mrs Jane Moore Sheffield.

Mr David Wicks Doncaster.

I booked a hugger party shoot on the recommendation of some friends of ours. On booking the shoot was told to give the children lots of the E numbers and make as excited as possible for the shoot day. On entering the studio I could see why Karl fully enjoys his job it was a fantastic thing to watch me and a few other parents just sat and laughed from start to finish it is funny the kids really enjoyed themselves and we enjoyed watching the performance to. I would thoroughly recommend one of the shoots to anybody they great phone and really good value for money and pictures was wet with us within four days of the shoot Karl is a true professional at this.

We have been family shoots before at a few well-known studios within Sheffield but nothing can prepare you for what a hugger shoot is like it’s 100% energy thank you so much Karl for your time in your effort on that day and we hope to see you again soon.

Mrs Andreas Barnsley.

I booked our 13-year-old daughters bought party shoot with Karl and I must say I was not disappointed the shoot was super really good fun and the pictures were even better. On entering the studio which is a world of make-believe I fully felt at home and the kids absolutely in loved it. We just like to say a big thank you Karl for a super time and great pictures and we hope to see you again soon.

Mrs Paxton Sheffield.

We booked our 16-year-old daughter’s birthday party we have had many family shoots before but never quite come across anything quite like Karl it was such good fun. He really does know where to get the best out of the kids when you’re talking about six 16-year-olds who all want to look cool you have a job on your hands book Karl was really really good before we knew it our shouting and screaming and jumping in the air and Karl was jumping as well which I must say it was very funny as specially in a pair of slippers. A big thank you Karl for a super shoot so enjoyable we look forward to coming again.

Mr Mark Canfield

I book my 12-year-old daughter’s birthday party with the hugger studios and I would just like to say fantastic out of this world pictures brilliant Karl brilliant we were so happy with the photos and Karl himself I would fully recommend this to anyone. We have also had a family shoot with Karl within the last few weeks and that was just as much fun never have I wanted to put on a pink cowboy hat but he did talk me into it and I must say it was great fun many thanks Karl and hope to see you again soon.

Mrs Marsh Sheffield

We booked our family shoot with Huggers aftet having an offer come through an email so we decided we would give it a go we had never had a family shoot before was not quite sure what to expect. All I can say is the shoot was fun fun fun all the way we have never laughed so much Karl had us dressing up jumping on each other’s backs rolling around on the floor which we had not expected it was great fun and a fantastic time. We pay for our shoot at the end of it which was a very reasonable ¬£79.00 and worth every penny if you’re looking for some is just a little bit different Karl Hugger is the person you need to go and see be prepared to make a fool of yourself and enjoy. We received our photos a few days later the first class post the photos were great and really showed what a good time we had I would just like to say a big thank you to Karl you made some at that I was dreading into some that I loved. I so appreciate the time and effort that you put in to us as I know we all look like scared rabbits in headlights as you put it well we not scared any more and we look forward to our next shoot with you. Many thanks once again Karl.

Martin and Claire

Mrs Manners Sheffield.

Big thank you to the hugger studios team for a super party shoot for our daughter’s birthday party had a great time loved watching it and found felt so tired afterwards I needed a lie down. Karl really does give it 100% effort and all I can say is I look forward to visiting the hugger studios again as it says on the website this is a working studio and yes it is true this really is a working studio we fully enjoyed watching Karl do is magic I would recommend this to anyone. Once again Karl thank you the pictures were fantastic the shoot was super fun and it was worth every penny of the ¬£99 and we paid we wish you all the best in the future big hugs and kisses from the girls who all say hi.
Sarah and Philip

Mr James Martin

I booked our family shoot through huggers on a recommendation and I was not disappointed this was a surprise for my wife’s birthday and she told me she was dreading it from the start. She has never been happy with having a photograph taken but but when we met Karl that changed she was more than happy to let herself go and enjoy the our she enjoy dressing up she enjoyed wearing the silly hats she also enjoy being told to screem . Thank you Karl from making this and a painless and fun time and I would happily recommend you to any of our friends which I may say I already have done. Once again Karl it was a pleasure to meet you and I hope that we will be seeing you again soon please take care a big thank you from Margaret Stuart and Susan and myself. You really are the best.

Mrs Allsopp Doncaster.

Would just like to say a big thank you to Karl who did our family shoot we really did so enjoy it and the pictures were fantastic great service that you provide and would thoroughly recommend you to anyone we now have your photos all over our walls and our photo shoot in our memories. We still talk about the photo shoot when meeting friends many thanks Karl for your time and we hope to see you again soon.
David and Dawn.

Mr Richard Dodd

I booked hugger studios to do me some new profile pictures for my consultancy practice he was recommended for a consultant I do some work with I have never been very keen on having my photographs taken as I’ve always believed I do not take good pictures. But meeting Karl I was put at ease straight away I didn’t really have to do a lot I just left it to him it gave me three different looks which I was really happy with great pictures Karl fantastic price would recommend you any time many thanks once again.

Mrs Sarah Ann Wynton  Manchester

I saw a newspaper advert which mentioned hugger studios and people saying how much fun it was. I decided sometime before to book a party shoot for my daughter but had been sourcing somewhere local to myself but on phone in the studio I found Karl to be really really friendly nothing was too much trouble and explaining to me what happened inside the party shoots and give me tips on what the girl should wear it really is very easy-going. On the day of the party shoot we turned up troop hand and not quite sure what to expect as Karl said this was an our genetic shoot on the phone. All I can say it was correct after hour and 20 minutes I was exhausted from just watching Karl really is a master at party shoots . I would just like to say a big thank you to hugger studios and Karl himself forgiveness such good pictures and such a good time I hope you got I can’t thanks I’m really looking forward to booking my 40th with you.
Once again Karl I can’t say much we enjoyed the shoot and the photos.

Mr and Mrs Jacqueline Bassett Croydon

We had seen an article about hugger studios on the net we were visiting friends and relatives in the Sheffield area so we decided we would book a family shoot with hugger studios making booking were told to bring three sets of outfits and some loud voices. Not quite understanding this I decided that we would go along with it anyway my husband has never been one for having his photo taken and will avoid this at all costs. On finding a hugger studios we had a warm welcome by gentlemen called Karl. Once a photo shoot started my husband looking terrified me starting to feel sorry for him this soon changed into fun and laughter my husband has never been a really outgoing person and when people look at the photos that we have now had printed in a hallway by ask who is this man in this picture is this really Jeff yes it is Jeff at such a great time. From a man who hates having his photographs taken to a man who was happy to give me a piggyback ride round the studio and where some silly hats and some silly wigs the shoot was more than we expected. Recommendation if you’re booked a hugger studio shoot please be prepared to make a fool of yourself it really is good fun. Karl is so easy to get along with nothing is too much trouble for him photos were super the experience was even better. A big warm thank you Karl your time and your effort.
Jeff and Jacqueline

Mr David Cox Leeds

A big thank you to Karl hugger our party shoot was great pictures were fantastic girls really enjoyed themselves once again thank you for your time and effort you put in on the day. Highly recommended to anyone. Hope to see you again soon many thanks.
Well worth the journey from Leeds

Mrs Sylvia Goldberg Sheffield

A big warm thank you to all at hugger studios the kids really did enjoy themselves and we enjoyed watching the shoot to have to see no much work goes into the shoot we never quite understand how come it is so cheap but thank you very much Karl for your time your effort and all you did on the day. You really did make us feel at all nothing was out of the way for you and the girls went on about the hugger shoot for weeks afterwards a great experience and a wonderful person and I wish you all the best in the future and I hope to see you again soon all the girls say hi to you and a big warm thank you.






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