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Fun, fun, fun, friendships are fun – you meet people you like,spend time with them, and set about having a grand old time in their company. Your friends often feel like a second family, brothers and sisters who don’t have the same Mum and Dad but think alike, love doing the same things, and always have your back. You might have friends from your childhood, friends from school, friends from college or Uni, friends from work, friends from clubs, friends from holidays – however you met, friends are the greatest thing you can make in this World for free. Your friends will be with you when you do most things in life, so why not celebrate and cement that friendship with a gift you can all share in and treasure in the years to come.

We have been capturing friendships as spectacular, fun filled photographs for more than twenty years, making a moment to remember with beautifully composed photographs that you can display on your wall, in your photo album or easily with your friends on Facebook.

We don’t just take photographs, we create moments filled with happiness, beautiful keepsakes that are worth their weight in gold. Once you’ve been into the Studio for your fun photoshoot, we work the Hugger magic on each picture so it looks vibrant and filled with life, a true reflection of the joy you feel in each other’s company.

Some of our competitors want to attract you with a cheap photoshoot, then charge you hundreds to get copies of your photos. At Hugger we give you the pictures, and you can print them, frame them, copy them and send them to whoever you want – they are your photos. We even give you the copyright. We give you the best 30 pictures from your Hugger Photoshoot on a DVD or USB stick so that you can easily have them printed and framed, or send them on the Internet.  Who else gives you that? And you’re covered by the Hugger Price Promise – we promise that the price we give you upfront is the price you pay – there are NO hidden extras.

Book a photo session with Hugger today, and capture a moment in history with your favourite friends, an unforgettable experience you’ll never forget, and treasured images for you to look back and remember throughout your life. Forever friends.

Call us on 0114 275 0005 or 07853 818 264 and book your group photoshoot today.







By Rob
Posted in: Photography
Published: 6 years ago


  • Reply to what Peter McLean said after 1 month

    Holding regular Group Shoots at Hugger Studios now. For more details please contact the studio. Peter

  • Reply to what John said after 1 month

    Love the photos, feel like booking in with you myself Karl .
    See you soon at the shoot this Saturday.

  • Reply to what Jean Clark said after 10 months

    Thank you so much for your time on the shoot the other the photos where super.
    We are very happy and look to forward to coming again soon .
    Thank you Karl the kids love it and said it was really good fun in the studio

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